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What is gASHIO RESINRh non-silicone release agent?
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ASHIO RESINR can be used widely as a non-silicone release agent.

Introducing our products

Product name Base polymer Appearance Melting point Solution temp
in toluene
Typical use
RA-45A New PVA Slightly yellowish powder 85}5 30`35 General tape
RA-95H PVA Slightly yellowish powder 90}5 min.50 General tape
RA-585S PVA Slightly yellowish powder 95}5 min.50 Al-foil tape,Cloth tape
RA-80 EVA Slightly yellowish powder 92}5 min.60 OPP tape,Cloth tape
RA-95HS PVA Slightly yellowish powder 100}5 \ Blending to olefin resin
iby orderj

Please contact us if desire a dissolved product,or some new product.
Packing is a25kg fiber drum.

Features of ASHIO RESINR

  • A proper releasing effect can be expected.
  • Silicone release agents release too lightly. ASHIO RESIN uses a long chain-alkyl group to attain a superior releasing effect.
  • The adhesive capacity persists.
  • The releasing surface of an adhesive tape stays in constant contact with the opposite surface in the roll. If the release agent contains silicone, it transfers onto the adhesive surface and decreases the adhesive strength. In ASHIO RESIN, the long chain-alkyl group is added to a type of polyvinyl alcohole to bring the polyvinyl chain portion into closer contact. This maintains the adhesive strength.
  • Easy application
  • The removal of solvent (toluene, etc.) promises good film-formation, easy application, and excellent workability. The film also accommodates printing.
  • Lapstrake
  • The non-silicone formulation ensures a releasing effect sufficient for a lapstrake. The same performance canft be said for a silicone type agent.

Soluble solvent

The solvent is soluble in benzene, toluene, xylene, n-hexane, etc. The addition of about 5 to 15% methanol or ethanol to the solvent controls gelling. And the application of the solvent to an olefin film, etc. discourages interference fringe by preventing static electricity and cissing.

Soluble solvent

"ASHIO RESIN" is able to reduce the solubility temperature,or to save the solubility time by toluene/methanol-mixed solvent.

The solubility of"ASHIO RESIN" in Tolune/Methanol-mixed solvent.

Concentrationi%j Temperatureij RA-95H RA-585S
Toluene/Methanol ratioiVolulme ratioj
90/10 100/0 90/10 100/0
2.0 35 Z ~ Z ~
40 Z Z
45 Z ` Z Z
50 Z Z Z
5.0 35 Z ~ Z ~
40 Z ~ Z ~
45 Z Z
50 Z Z Z

Evaluation methodiVisualj;
@FApparent,@FSlightly phasing,@~Fparticle residue

The solubility of the new release agent in toluene

Concentrationi%j Temperatureij Release Agent / in Toluene
RA-45A cf.RA-95H
2.0 35 Z ~
40 Z ~
50 Z
5.0 35 Z ~
40 Z ~
50 Z

Evaluation; see the upper

Methods of Use

Use a product suitable for your application.
Dissolve ASHIO RESIN to a desired concentration in a solvent such as toluene.
To completely dissolve ASHIO RESIN, heat the solution to over 50 or 60 .*
Apply it to the backing until the desired concentration is reached

ASHIO RESIN dissolves more easily when stirred. Heat in a sealed container to prevent changes in the solution concentration.
Open the container very carefully: the high vapor pressure of the solution may blow the contents out.

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