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Description of the business
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Manufacturing and sales of ASHIO RESIN (solvent soluble type/water-dilution type) on entrustment

Manufacturing and sales of ASHIO RESIN non-silicone release, the core business of our company. Outside the domestic market, we export to USA, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Southeast Asia, and other countries.

Export business

Besides ASHIO RESIN, we also export various other domestic products such as adhesives, forming tapes, and PET films.

Domestic wholesale/sales business

We handle various types of adhesives (acrylic solvent type, acrylic emulsion, etc.), synthetic resin-related products, plastic films, PVC films, hardeners for adhesives, fiber-treatment agents, oxidation inhibitors, age resisters, titanium oxide, synthetic dyes, pigments, paints, water-treatment agents, acetic acid, and other chemicals in general.

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